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    Indoor amenities

  • true  Air conditioning  true
  • true  Cable TV  true
  • true  Heating  true
  • true  Internet  true


    Outdoor amenities

  • true  Balcony  
  • true  Pool  


    Distances & Accessibilities

  • 200 Beach:  200-Mtr.
  • 765 LRT/MRT:  765-Mtr
  • 100 City:  100-Mtr.
  • 300 Bus:  300-Mtr.
  • 200 Pharmacies:  200-Mtr.
  • 100 Bakery:  100-Mtr.
  • 20 Restaurant:  20-Mtr.
  • 56 Coffee shop:  56-Mtr.


    Energy Efficiency


    Not subject Energy Performance European

    Not subject Gas European


    Property location


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Address san juan Metro Manila

Purpose:   For Sale  

Property Type:   Apartment  

County:   Philippines  

City:   San Juan  

Zip code: 1000

Area Size:   400m2-500m2  

Estimated Size:   500-m2  

Energy efficiency:   E  

Bathrooms:   3  

Bedrooms:   4  

Rooms:   4  

Sale price: ₱ 1,297,000.00

Ownership:   Developer  

Floor Level:   4  

Energy Efficiency: 43 kWh EP / m2, year

Gas emissions: 43 kg CO2 / m², year

Views Counter: 1387


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